World’s Smallest Linux Server Omega2 For iOT With Wifi – Price & Specifications

The Worlds Most Smallest Linux Powered Server Omega 2With Wifi Is Here. This is created by Onion and Would be best for electronic geeks looking for a good product for the Internet of things in the affordable price range . 

World's Smallest Linux Server Omega2 For Internet Of Things
Omega2 is the world’s most accessible hardware development platform, which means 
it is simple, even for people who are new to building hardware.

Omega2 is also affordably priced at $5 only, so the price seems too reasonable for the features it provides.
Here are the Price & Specification Comparision Of Omega – Omaga2 – Omega2 Plus
Omega2 is tiny so that it can easily fit into your DIY project or commercial product. It is less than 1/4 the size of the Raspberry Pi, and less than 1/3 the size of the Arduino Uno.
Multi-Language Support : Omega2 comes with multi-language support i.e, it can be programmed with whatever language you want . Save time by using languages and libraries you are already familiar with.
Linux Server Omega2 IOT Device Languages Supported
Wifi Integrated : The Omega2 has integrated Wi-Fi and onboard flash storage. This means that it springs to life the moment you power it on. You don’t have to buy Wi-Fi dongles or install operating system images onto external SD cards.
Omega2 Is Simple : Using the Omega2 is just like using your  desktop computer. There are some simple and intuitive apps for you to interact with the Omega2. Also an App Store where you can discover even more apps ! 
Source : Kickstarter
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