Wapka Online Users Details Code – Wapka Latest HTML Codes

Using Wapka Online users counter, you can display the number of users currently browsing your site with total list. We bring you the code to show you how to add online users counter for your wapka mobile site.

You need to login to your wapka.mobi admin panel

Select the site from the sites list in which you want to add the users counter

Now Click On Edit Site and Jump to any page Like -21 or -5 Or -63 etc

→ Create a new page (edit site- newpage) with title – Online users(: stats-online 🙂

→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

:userstats:d=oa, o=t, a=guest ::Name-%lname% <br/> Country-%flag% %country1% <br/> Phone-%browser% <br/> Ip-%ip% <br/> On page -%location%::<hr/>:/userstats:

Click And Copy Code Below :

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