Wapka Latest GiftShop Code Stylish Wapka Codes New Tutorial

Wapka Latest GiftShop Code Stylish Wapka Codes New Tutorial-GiftShop Tutorial for Wapka Sites-how to create Gift shop for users in wapka – adding gift shop to wapka

Wapka Latest GiftShop Code

Step: 1 –goto ES>File Manager then create a new File Directory and name it as Gift. Then remember its DIR ID.Then upload all images to that directory that u want to use as Gift item in ur site.

Create 3 sites ex: Site A, B and C after creating goto ES>Users>Credit Settings>Individual
Credit Settings and select The site ID B. and put -100 and select Always when user click.
(this will be the amount of credit that will be deducted to user credit.)
Note: – Change all site ID and Directory ID that has been use in this Tutorial to ur own site ID and DIR ID.

3. Paste this code

Site A

Gift cost 100 Credit:br:Click the image to buy:filelist:d=DIRid,l=5,s=t-n(1):,o=n,nc=1,n=Gift is Empty!::<div style=”padding-left: 1px; border-left: 1px solid #808080″><a href=”/site_B.xhtml?get-id=%file_id%-hash-amp:”><img src=”%url%” alt=”gift”/></a> %name%</div>:: :/filelist::paging:n=ti-n(1):,u=:url-site-tid-site::&get-n=%n%::%prev% · %next%:/paging:

Site B

Sending Gift:br::filelist:d=DIRid,x=i,l=1::<img src=”%url%” alt=”gift”/> %name%:43 ti-id(0)::/filelist:<br/><form method=”post” action=”popup_A.xhtml”>Send to: <input type=”hidden” name=”t” value=”new”/><input type=”text” name=”usr_name” value=”” style=”-wap-input-format:’*x'”/><input type=”hidden” name=”popup_txt” value=”Send you a Special Gift! [url=/site_C.xhtml?get-id=:geti-id:&get-sender=:user-tname:]Open it![/url]”/>-hash-input:<br/><input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”Send Gift”/></form>

 Site C

<div align=”center”>Gift Item Recieve</div>Gift Item from t-sender:!:filelist:d=DIRid,x=i,nc=1,l=1::<div align=”center”><img src=”%url%”/> %name% Gift!</div>:43 t-id(0)::/filelist:<div align=”center”><a href=”:url-site-0:”>Home</a> · <a href=”popup_0.xhtml-hash-qm:”>Notifications</a></div>

Done Enjoy

Copy Code and add to wapka website.

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