Top 5 Adsense High Paying Evergreen Niches | Adsense Most Expensive Keywords

Adsense is the most trusted and High Paying CPC Ad Network used by most bloggers and proffessional sites. Also you dont have to worry about ad content because you will get targeted ads related to your content.Adsense ads displayed are related to your content so its basically the niche of the content which decides the best cpc for your ads.If you blog on low paying niches , you may not make big out of it.

Before finding Adsense High Paying Niche, Have a look on Adsense High Paying Keywords 

Dont forget to have a keyword research before you write any article for your blog. Keywords help to receive targeted visitors to your site from search engines which are absolutely free and also affects you blog ranking in positive way.Keyword Research should not be neglected and should be taken seriously.Keywords sould be used in a limited way else they may harm your blog.
Here are Top 5 High Paying Adsense Niches for 2015 :

1. Blogs Based On Donations : Blogs on Donation like Donating cars to charity , donating cars to goodwill are popular in this network. Donation based blogs have high cpc rates among all the adsense top niches.

2. Insurance Blogs : Insurance blogs are nowhere less than donation blogs.They are almost equal to donation blogs and have ability to earn high cpc almost equal to donation blogs.Insurance sector has huge number of competition in market.Cpc varies for $1.5 to even $40 per valid click.

3. Airlines & Flights : Airlines and flight related sites are also good competitor for getting good click per cost ads .Airlines Niche is the third most popular niche in adsense.It may be difficullt task to blog on airlines and flights niche but airlines blogs spend huge money on advertisements.

4. Health & Fitness Blogs : Health blogs are a good niche to start off with.With a wide range of article and news,you can earn a good amount of cpc . Most Commonly blogs are based on “How to Reduce Or Lose your Weight ” Or “How to Stay Fit ” and many more. Health blogs mostly receive organic search traffic from USA, Europe and Canada resulting to High CPC upto $25.

5. Technology Blogs : Technology blogs are most searched blogs on daily basis along with news blogs.Science , Innovation and Tech news are main topics covered in this niche.Latest technology trends and happening in technolgy are browsed mostly throughout the world and also round the year.

You have to decide on which blog niche you are interested to blog, not just for the sake of cpc. If you can make it your interest then you will surely make your blog more interesting for readers, than making it ineresting only for search bots.Always keep in mind to write content for your reader attention instead of search engines which might harm your blog in long run.
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