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Opt-In Panda is a brand new plugin from the developers of Social Locker Plugin Which we had earlier reviewed on our blog.Opt-In Panda WordPress Plugin will help you gain more email leads without disturbing your site visitors with popups.This will be best plugin you have ever used , and that too from Social Locker team.Have you ever thought of blocking content from being scraped by content stealers ? Ever wanted to provide exclusive or premium content only for your site users ?
Then Opt In Panda is the best choice with easy to customise options and easy setup process.

About Opt-In Panda for WordPress :

Opt-In Panda for WordPress Review
The Opt-In Panda locks a portion of content and asks the user to opt-in to get access to the locked content. This way you can lock any kind of content:
  • A download link (for instance, a free graphic, an audio file, video resources, or a printable pdf of your article).
  • The end of your article (for instance, you might show the beginning of the article to gain interest, but hide the ending).
  • A promo code (for instance, a 10% off discount, if the visitor opt-ins).
  • Any media resources embedded into the content (videos, audios, images)
Features Of Opt-In Panda :
1. Easy Integration With Your Favorite Mailing Service :
Opt-In Panda works directly with all the major mailing services and plugins: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MyMail, MailPoet, Acumbamail, Sendy, FreshMail, K-news (and ActiveCampaign, SmartResponder soon).
opt in panda email sunscriptions aweber mailchimp services


This Plugin also save all your email leads into your database.If Your Email Service is Not supported you can select none as default option to save all your email captures in database from where you can export to your email service.

Here is an overview of your leads through Opt In Panda Plugin :


2. Social Logins Feature :

Opt-In Panda also provides Social Login feature through which users can login using social networks liked facebook, twitter , Google Plus and even LinkedIn.

OptIn Panda Social Logins Feature
Opting to this feature will provide you with more details of your audience interests , helping you to reach out to your visitors with the content they are interested in.
To enable this social login option, you need to set up your social API keys and app IDs for social buttons.
3.Opt-In Panda Comes With 4 Cool Layouts :
Opt In Panda has four layouts with sleek and attractive design. You can also configure the set of social buttons
  • Opt-In Locker. A classic subscription form (name/email or only email).
  • Opt-In Locker with Social Buttons.
  • Sign-In Locker. Only social buttons.
  • Sign-In Locker with Opt-In Form. 


4. In Detailed Stats & Reports :
Opt – In Panda Provide detailed analysis in grapphical data format of your daily and overall leads, Bounces , Channels & Skips.
Optin Panda In Detailed Stats & Reports
5. Customizable Overlap Options :
You Can Hide your content in three different modes :
  • Blur Content
  • Totally Hide the Content
  • Make Transparent
6. Ajax Supported & Optimised For Mobile :
As this plugin supports ajax features, this plugin has advanced features likes timer delay, relock ,Timer Interval and also you can Disable ajax feature.
Many Plugins dont work on smartphone and other mobiles , so if you are targetting mobile users this is an optimised for mobile too.


7. Search Engine Friendly Plugin :
As SEO is the most important item for any content to reach to audiences, keeping in mind this plugin is totally seo friendly. That means your content is visible to search engines but hidden for visitors browsing your site. This feature will help search engine index and rank you content when anyone searches for relevent search terms.
Many More Features are available with this plugin with the best customizable options. There is nothing in this plugin which is un-customizable. I really love this plugin since the time I Started reveiving it.
Here is How it Works :
This Plugin is available for just $22 which is worth the features this plugin provides.You can buy this plugin from codecanyon :
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