Opera Mini BIG File Download Trick -How to Download BIG File OM Handler trick Mobile

Normally Opera Mini doesn’t supports downloading files up to 14 MB. But you will be able to download files of any size using this reload trick. No additional software is required. Just a Opera Mini browser is good enough for downloading big files.

Procedures for Downloading Big Files with Opera Mini

Most of the free internet users uses Opera Mini Handler to make use of their operator trick. But Opera Mini has a limit on downloading files up to 14 MB. So follow following procedures to download files of any size. The main theme of this trick is sending another request before saving file to bypass Opera’s file size limit.

  1. First of all browse through the download page. Then tap and hold on the download link to open menu.
  2. Tap Open in New Tab. Now tap the Reload like screenshot given below.
Opera Mini BIG File Download Trick
  1. The download page will start reloading. In the mean time opera will prompt you to save the file. Wait wait… Don’t tap the save button before the reload gets completed (otherwise you will ruin the trick).
Opera Mini BIG File Download Trick
  1. After download page finish it’s reloading just tap Save.
  2. That’s it. Your download should be started soon.
Opera Mini Big File Download - Save
  1. Have a look at the below screenshot to make sure that Reload trick is a working trick.
Opera Mini BIG File Download Trick

Use ThirdParty Proxy Server to Download Huge Files using Opera Mini (Alternative Method)

If after reading the reload trick you didn’t actually understood it then you can go for this alternative method. Though the reload trick was as easy as Send Big File download request > Send any other request > Trigger Save command.

Go to hideme.be. And browse through it to the big file’s download page. Then simply start download. Downloading huge files with this method won’t show the file size. But you don’t need to be worried about that

Opera Mini Reload Trick For Download Large Files works with All Opera Mini Handlers

This reload trick should work with all official Opera Mini versions including Opera Mini Handlers. If you still have some question about it then you can ask that in the comment section. And It’s recommended that you should keep Opera Mini running while downloading.

If you minimize Opera Mini in Android and try to run other apps which needs much RAM then, Opera will be closed automatically and all of your running and paused and running downloads will be gone. So beware of that.

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