[Infographic] SEO Today – A Brief Overview By IDF Marketing

What do penguins, pandas and hummingbirds remind you of? If you own a blog or a website, these are the “animal” updates to Google’s algorithm that help mold the state of content you see online today. So much can be said in regards to SEO that you’d probably be able to fill countless books with the information available.
IDF Marketing has produced an infographic that touches briefly on the ever-evolving state of SEO today. Check out the influence On Site Factors, the strength of your Content, Outreach andSocial Signals have on your site’s SEO. Should you go with video instead of articles? What about infographics instead of blog posts to secure high ranking and/or higher traffic? Find out about this and a lot more from the infographic below.
[Infographic] SEO Today – A Brief Overview
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