How To Make Money By Selling Domains/Sites Or Apps On Flippa

If your are finding ways to make money , then here is an article specially for you . Do you own a site or domain which you no longer require ? Are you struggling to find buyers for your apps or domains ? Then , You don’t have to worry , Flippa will do the work for you and you can earn best value for your item .

Let me tell you about Flippa , if you haven’t heard about it . Flippa is the first ever marketplace for selling websites , Domain and Apps . Flippa allows sellers to negotiate with all the interested buyers to close the sale even after the auction is over. If post auction negotiation does not give you the result you want, Flippa continues showing your listing until we get a buyer for your asset. A classified listing will similarly stay on site until you have interested buyers.

How To Make Money By Selling Domains/Sites Or Apps On Flippa

How to Make Money Using Flippa ?

Signup For Flippa account if you dont have it . Once you have your account , Just Login to Flippa . If you want to sell your site or domain for best price , then go here .

Basically , you can sell these On Flippa :

1. Established Sites – Websites that are older than 3 months
2. Starter Sites – Websites created less than 3 months ago, with no traffic or revenue
3. Domains – Domain names like .com .net .org and any others

4. Apps – iOS and Android for mobile and tablet devices

You have to select any one of the options provided there to proceed to the next step .

Now , You have two options , Either to sell your site in Auction Or Post a Classified Listing and wait for buyers to make a private offer for your product . Auction will cost you $19 for all the three options mentioned above except for Apps . Auction is free of cost for apps .

Now , Enter your Site URL and Click On Proceed/Next Button . Enter tagline and description of your domain or site .

What to include?
Successful domain auctions include the following:

  • The vision and potential uses of the domain
  • Keywords and search data
  • Domain age
  • Recent related sales
  • Revenue potential

Complete payment and Your Domain or Website Listing Will Go Live . Many Listings Just Start at $1 and they end up making $1000 or more in auctions .

Bidding Auctions In Flippa Make Money Tricks

So If you want to make good money , either create a site with 10-20 post and Sell It On Flippa Or You Can Purchase a good Valued Expired Domains and Sell On Flippa and Earn Big !

You Can See Our Post On How To Buy Expired Domains to find Expired Domains to Sell On Flippa !

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