How To Lock Your WhatsApp On Android Mobiles | WhatsApp Tricks

Whatsapp is the most used mesenger app, also most successful social app used by more than 600 Million active users throughout the world . WhatsApp is available on various platforms like android,Iphone and even S40 mobiles.
You definitely would like to keep all your Whatsapp converations hidden from your friends and family members for your privacy.Then How to Lock Your Whatsapp Messages On Your Android Phones ?

Whatsapp doesnt have any default security lock option to hide your whatsapp messages , if anyone else uses your phone .Even if your Android Mobile is Lost, then the one who has stolen/found your mobile will be able to read all your whatsapp messages and conversations.

Dont Worry, There are some android apps to do the job for you.You can lock whatsapp conversations using these apps.

WhatsApp Lock Android Application

Here are the apps you will find useful :

1. WhatsApp Lock :
WhatsApp Lock app lets you protect your messages from WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, LINE, Hangouts, GTalk, Facebook, SMS, Kakao Talk, Kik Messenger, Tango, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, MeetMe, Skype and Yahoo Messenger behind a PIN. Keep you privacy and maintain secure!
You Can Lock your WhatsApp With 4 Digit Secure Pin.You can download this application from Google Play Store.


2. Secure Chat – Lock messenger :
Secure Chat – Lock messenger is another usefull app to lock your whatsapp,this app allows users to set a pattern lock instead of 4 digit pin.

Lock WhatsApp On Android MobilesLock WhatsApp On Android Mobiles

Keep your private chat messages safe and password protected.Don’t let anybody peek into your chat messages.Easy and comfortable user interface with fluid working.You Can also set an password other than pattern lock or if you want to lock whatsapp with touch id.

Both Apps are good and interesting, WhatsApp Lock allows to add 4 digit pin, On the other side Secure Chat Lock Application Allows to add Pattern Lock.Though both do the same task, WhatsApp Lock has clean and simple to use interface.

So, Install and try these app, Post your reviews or problems in comments.If you have anyother WhatsApp Lock Application you Use, Let Us Know.

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