How to Install WordPress on Hostgator 2014-WP Tutorials

WordPress is one of the most general self hosted blogging papers. Deed started with WordPress is quite loose, and the rattling rank maneuver is to pose WordPress on your hosting record. Most of the distributed hosting for WordPress offers quick script to lay WordPress, and you don’t hump to eff maual itinerary to create your WordPress blog. Here I testament be distribution a good pass which you require to get your own diary on your hosting.
Selecting a Webhosting is not as gradual as it sounds. Specially when there are century of hosting options are obtainable. Based on my own see with various Web-hosting, I propose Hostgator to be an idle concourse for your WordPress journal.

Hostagtor offers various slipway by which you can place WordPress on their server.

  • Manual
  • Fantastico
  • Quick Install

In this WordPress installing pass, we will be using the fantastico method on Hostgator to put WordPress. This is one of the easiest way to get started with WordPress & within 5 proceedings your WordPress place instrument be up. Examine this handbook and think unrestricted to ask questions if you bed any:

Login to your Hostgator web commission. Under services/Software move on Fantastico.

Install WordPress using Fantastico Hostgator How to Install WordPress on Hostgator 

Installing WordPress on Hostgator using Fantastico

On the next page, left side click on WordPress under Blogs category.
WordPress installation fantastico How to Install WordPress on Hostgator
On the next page , click on New installation

Fantastic New Installation How to Install WordPress on Hostgator

 Fantastico New WordPress Installation

Select the domain on which you want to install wordpress. Here you can decide where you want to install wordpress. Either at the root of the directory or under sub domain. For example :

  • Root Directory :
  • Sub directory :
So if you want to install WordPress on root domain, i.e:, you should follow the straight forward method as shown below:

Setting up WordPress Installation under Fantastico:

You also need to mention your blog username and password. Which you will be using to access to admin panel. Base configuration settings can be altered later without any 
problem. but do add admin email address.

wordpress final installation thumb How to Install WordPress on Hostgator
Before hitting the magic button Install WordPress, Cross check if you have done everything right. Else rolling back things will consume time.
On the next page, it will show you information about database which it is going to use. So copy and paste your database and mysql username and keep it handy for future use.
final installation thumb How to Install WordPress on Hostgator
Click on Finish Installation to complete the process. On the next page you will get the confirmation about the wordpress install. And you can go to your admin area by adding wp-admin suffix to your domain name.
wordpress installation confirmation thumb How to Install WordPress on Hostgator
Make sure you add your email here. So that an information about the installation will be send to your Email blog.
What Next ?
Since you have understood the installation of WordPress. It’s time for now to configure your wordpress blog. Head over to following tutorial and link to theme resource and plugins which will help you to configure your wordpress blog.


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