How To Create Twitter Widget And Add To Your Website Or Blog

Twitter is an awesome social networking site to update your status and also follow people of your interests and catch their status updates so called tweets.Besides this you can do more with twitter.If you are a webmaster,you can create and add twitter widgets to your blog sidebar which will be updated automatically.

Twitter allows users to create widget and further embed them in their site or blog by providing a piece of code.You can create twitter widgets for :

  • User Timeline
  • Favorites
  • List
  • Search
  • Collection
How to Create Twitter Widgets :
1. Login to Twitter, if you dont have , create a New Account and follow people of your interests.
2. Now Click Profile & Setings On Top Right Site Of twitter , Or Access it through this link :
3. Now You Will See different settings related to your account, Click On Widgets located in the bottom as shown from the image below.
twitter add widget to blog website
4. Now, Click On Create New , See Image below:
twitter widget for blogs embed code
5. Now you can select widget type of your choice and add height and settings and click on create widget.
twitter hashtag widget for your blog
Here we created an widget for #hashtag #WC2015 ,Once You click on create widget , you will see html code will be provided in bottom of the widget.
Once you paste the code in your site or blog, it will look like this [#WC2015]

#WC2015 Tweets

You can create widgets in the same way for other Hashtags,any user accounts of celebrities and try out more from options provided there.
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