How To Complete FileIce Survey, ShareCash , CleanFiles Surveys Easily

How to complete Fileice survey & unlock files-2014 how to complete fileice surveys without any trick-Bypass Fileice surveys – Fileice Downloader-Download from Fileice 

For all the people who have trouble with the surveys on ShareCash, here’s a way to download that works for me almost every time. This may or may not work on other survey sites.

What you’ll need:

1.Hotspotshield Download here

2.Sandboxie:Download here

Download and install Sandboxie.

After installation, the Sandboxie window should come up. Close any prompts that may come up, right click ‘Sandbox DefaultBox’, and select ‘Run Sandboxed>Run Web Browser’. A new window with your default browser will come up.

[Image: step2fc.png]

If Firefox gives you an error ‘Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.’, just try opening it through Sandboxie again and it should work. You can tell that Firefox is running sandboxed when you see a pair of ‘[#]’ around the window name in your taskbar.

Step 3:
Copy and paste your link into the Sandboxed browser. When you see the infamous ‘Complete a Quick Survey to Continue!’ box, there should be at least one option to download some sort of game or toolbar. A lot of the time they don’t go right out and say that it’s a download just from the description, but ones that usually don’t ask for your opinion/personal info are the download ones. If you’re not sure, just click on them to check. I’m going to do the ‘Blow up all the balloons’ one.
NOTE: I haven’t had success with the ‘Super Mario Games’.

How To Complete FileIce Survey

Step 4:
On the new page, click the Download or Play Now button for whatever page Sharecash sent you to, and download the file.

How To Complete FileIce Survey sandboxie

If Sandboxie brings a prompt up asking to recover files out of the Sandbox, click ‘Close’.

[Image: step45.png]

[/i]Protip: If your antivirus is giving you trouble, just disable it. You’ll still be safe, as Sandboxie keeps it in a contained environment.

Step 5:
Run the file from the browser and before going on with the installation, ensure that you’re running it sandboxed by looking for those ‘[#]’ in the window name like we did before.

[Image: step5l.png]

Go on with the installation. I recommend that you uncheck any offers to install software that’s unnecessary to going through the installation. It won’t hurt anything if you do, but it just takes longer.

[Image: step55.png]

Step 6:
Now that you’ve completed the installation, a page may open up, and $harecash should detect that you’ve installed it.

[Image: step6g.png]

This time, however, when you download the actual file you were trying to, select ‘Recover’ when the Sandboxie prompt comes up.

[Image: step65.png]

Step 7:
Now, to clean everything up, we’re going to go to the Sandboxie Control, right click, and select ‘Delete Contents’. Select ‘Delete Contents’ on the next prompt and anything in the Sandboxie process tree should close. Now you’re clean!

[Image: step7g.png]

I hope this helped. And to those who always complain about Sharecash, please remember that there are people working hard to make those programs you love, and Sharecash is an incentive for them to keep it free

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