How To Add Seo Title/Url For Wapka Pages To Get High Google Search Traffic

Hi,Welcome to another full tutorial on sites seo.This tutorial will deal with the seo optimisation title and url structures of wapka pages ,which will indeed help to rank higher for keywords you are ranking in search engines like google , yahoo or bing.

How to Keyword Optimize Your Wapka.Mobi Site and Pages :
Wapka is most used by webmasters for creating mobile download content portal, due to its easy customisation and also lots of features.Wapka doesnot have good features for optimising Onpage Seo , which is a negative aspect for wapka users.

But by following small tips and customisations, you can overcome all seo problems on your wapka sites.

Here is how to do it :

1. Login to your wapka using wapks passport or old login

2. Select your sites from List of sites shown.

3. Now Open any wapka page or homepage of wapka in admin mode.

4.Click On ::EDIT SITE:: On Bottom Of Your Wapka Page.

5. Under Settings, Click On Change Title.

6. You will have two fields to fill up for Title of page and also url of page.

7. Now You have to Enter Your Title with targeted keyword or Most important ketwod In it.

8. Now also fill up the url field with important keyword in it, but url should have spaces in between.It should be separated by underscores(_) in between them.Now Click On Edit Title and Done.

Now your url is seo optimized. Earlier Your Url structure was :

Now you have changed it to

Note : Dont Stuff too many keywords in title and url, Keep it simple and clean , also Title not more than 50-60 characters and url around 40 characters.

Your wapka site is ready to get boost in google search rankings.

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