Case Study : How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers For Free – 102 Followers In 23 days !

Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites with around 320M Monthly active users . Twitter could be the best to build your brand in social media and gain more exposure to your brand , if you use it in the right way .
Gaining followers might seem difficult to new users , but there are services available on the net providing followers starting $20/month or more .

We have experimented with many services which offered a free trial and finally here we reveal our case study used for one of the twitter accounts . We have accessed the free trial and it really worked out well than any other services available on the internet .

Get targetted twitter followers free trial

Here is our graph showing the number of twitter followers gained during Nov 23 – Dec 16 , 2016 . The campaign really converted well and help us gain targetted users . If your account doesn’t have users who aren’t interested in reading your tweets then they are of no use , So don’t try any services offering fake followers .

You can see how the graph showing the followers gained during the campaign . So , How to setup a successful campaign for getting targetted twitter followers ?
1 . Signup for Getqualityfollowers Trial Account For 6 Days Using this link . NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED .
2. You need to add the targetted keywords related to your niche to start your campaign .
Get targetted twitter followers free trial
3. Now , wait for a few hours and your campaign will start showing results . If your campaign keywords are performing poor , you need to delete the old keywords and add new phrases or hashtags to get better results .
If you’re getting < 100 Impressions per day -OR- your conversion rate (followback %) is low (< 3%), use broader keywords 
Here are our campaign results :
Get targetted twitter followers free trial
How does it work?
1. Just start a free campaign anytime, no credit card required. We’ll ask you to enter a few terms, phrases, hashtags etc. that are relevant to you and your intended audience.
2. Get Quality Followers intelligently identifies high quality targets on twitter that are likely to respond, and brings you into the conversation in a positive and productive way by favoriting their relevant tweets.
3. Your new prospects receive a notification where they can see your profile and choose to follow you or click to your website.
So , try this with your twitter account and let us know in comments how successful was your own campaign ? We would love to hear from you !
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